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Looking for a dependable freelance designer?

Hey! I’m Dom Webster

As a freelance graphic designer, I know our work can often feel at times like it’s feast or famine. One day we have budgeted great timelines then BLAM! Your top client (or two) wants to go a new direction and needs them by tomorrow! Yikes! Or maybe you need a dependable designer with print, digital, or website design experience to produce quality work.

I have worked with several clients in various industries from large hospitals, educational franchisors, banking systems, and start-ups.
I am flexible, reliable, timely, and inventive. When I’m working on your projects, I act as if I am working for you in your office (except I’m probably sitting in shorts, drinking coffee, and jamming out to the Grateful Dead).

My typical day of design.

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Using me as a freelance graphic designer

What do you get when we work together?

 I’m someone who is:

  • Drama-free and not offended by criticism or feedback.
  • Easy to work with and works well with teams too.
  • Dependable, I can be reached by cell, Gchat, or email.
  • Budget-conscious, I understand overages don’t produce happy clients.

So what kind of stuff can I do?

 I’ve spent over 15 years as a working professional graphic and website designer. In my daily life, I can be found working on:

  • Designing digital marketing assets
  • Creating landing pages and developing email templates
  • Updating image or text content on different website platforms
  • Petting my dog and cat while drinking coffee andthinking of ways we can work together to make your life easier.

The Administration Side…

I may be a little goofy and express my humor at times, but customer service is no joke to me. Having my clients feel secure is # 1, in my opinion, and providing them with outstanding services is what’s kept my clients around, and brings new ones. I love what I do, and I love the people I work for. I keep timesheets for all projects or jobs. Once completed or as otherwise agreed between us, I will email your invoice to you with payment due within 30 days. I accept the following forms of payment. Credit Card, Paypal, Venmo, Check, and Cash. Once payment has been received, the completed assets are sent to you via a link, and you will be able to download the completed files unless otherwise specified.

A note about stock images. If stock photography needs to be purchased to complete a project, I can buy them on your behalf; however, this will be billed to as an additional charge.

Being a freelance graphic designer, for me, is about telling a story.

The store can be created in just one image or within an entire ad campaign. Its purpose is to lead the viewer somewhere and offer a simple emotional choice. The right font choice and element layout can influence how a person sees and reacts to the content.

Baltimore freelance graphic designerI became a graphic designer professionally in 1998 after receiving my degree from a school centered around advertising and graphic design. I began work as a designer for a large sign making company in Baltimore. I was designing custom logos, large vehicle wraps, and billboards. After a while, I wanted a new challenge, one that could help me to grow as an artist and designer. I wanted to work for advertising agencies but new that I would need to refine my style more.

Once I felt I had sharpened my design skills and technique, I began designing for a few agencies as a freelance designer. After a few months, I was offered a full-time position. I loved the challenge of coming up with different ideas, narrowing them down, refining them, then seeing the final product.

With more people finding the internet, I began to teach myself HTML in the evenings. Early websites were mostly glorified tables, but I saw the potential for graphics to be used to help express the site’s message and vision. In 2000 I built my very first professional website for the Barcelona Nuts company.

Fast forward a few moons, I have designed several websites and countless design, and I still love designing websites and making graphics to move people into action. I love telling a story that evokes an emotional reaction to the material that’s presented. While a lot of design trends have come and past, I think we can always depend on the basics. More than three fonts can be bad, just because you have Photoshop doesn’t mean you’re a designer, and Comic Sans should NEVER be used.

What can I help you with?